Monday, June 2, 2008

Access Bag n Pack


I am designing for a company which is called Access Bag n Pack. Their bags have the word "extreme" on them. I am working on a lot of their different bags bringing them up into an urban culture. Their bags are mainly sold in stores like Staples etc. But I am changing and revamping their logo and their style. I am working with them on changing their style from the mainstream. They have a completely biodegradable bag, which has no plastic in it. I am working on that, so when its out everybody who wants to help change the ENVIRONMENT, go buy it!

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CONNIE said...

Would you know how to get in touch with this company? I went to the website but it's "under construction". I hope when you redesign them you fix them so they last more than a month in school. It's the most horrible backpack ever. If you could help me out that would be great! can't wait to see the new version too. My email is Have a nice day, Connie